Is Mathira song Jhootha Sexy or Not?

Mathira a woman who knows how to remain relevant . Forget New Year’s celebrations and Musharraf , Mathira fate has just released a music video !

After its release, the video , titled Jhootha, went viral and caused more than a few raised eyebrows . Mathira, of course , is her usual hot self , but even more shocking is that she and Arbaz Khan , a 12 -year-old rapper cooperation.

The public reaction to the video has been on Mathira, some even calling her child molester , late-night show host turned singer believes that Pakistan’s long-term results of a double standard.

“This is a nice, cute , adorable video did not do nothing chichora,” Mathira told The Express Tribune . “It’s just different , I do not know why people are making it such a problem, because it is not controversial.”

Mathira may sound like from the public to feel what she said ‘ strange ‘ response to the shock , but the negative reaction is nothing more important to her than to please a 12 year old . People may find a little boy featured as a gimmick to get attention, but Mathira think it’s just lovely.

“If a child is praised me in a lovely fashion ? ” She asked her criticism. “What’s wrong with a little boy came to you and said, you’re so beautiful ? After all, there are many forms of appreciation.”

She shared the video, which is a concept about accidentally ran into a young fan Mathira behind and started praising her own way . Arbaz Khan is signed by the same record company as Mathira, recording upcoming rapper besides . Mathira think Arbaz, who wrote all the lyrics in itself , is a very talented musician , and has done a lot of work.

“More than promoting new talent , it is my honor and Arbaaz to perform alongside one another , and will hate the enemy no matter what I do, ” she said.

Memes suddenly appeared , mainly crucial Mathira wardrobe , think it is vulgar .

“This is a double standard in Pakistan came in, ” she mocked .

“All who found Priyanka Chopra sexy in her swimsuit song man , I found my jumpsuit is vulgar and bad .”

“Again, this is what’s wrong with a child jumpsuit with a girl , when all the other kids listened in Pakistan is ten times more vulgar songs , such as candy shop featured video .”

Mathira convinced that people tend to mix culture, entertainment, something she had controversy when she began her career as a late-night show , and continues to do so with the video .

“We should not mix media and entertainment and culture media is a flashy, glamorous false , let us be so! “

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